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August Franza has been writing for fifty years. Along with his wife and family, writing is his life's work. He encounters, he observes, he thinks, he feels, he reacts-on paper. It 'all' goes down and has gone down in twenty novels, thirty books of poetry, scores of short stories, many plays and screenplays, plus a daily journal totaling, thus far, 45 volumes. At the moment, he is beginning work on two novels, one brand new, the other a revision of a work begun in 1988. He is devoted to literature and never worries about the outcome, consequences, or success and failure. He likes to quote T.S. Eliot who said, "It is necessary for poets to take chances, to go too far and risk complete failure."

He has a Ph.D. in English literature and literary criticism, and his life's work is held in the archives of the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Before retiring twenty-three years ago, he taught English for 35 years in high schools and colleges.

He has 28 books in print, including a fantasy trilogy with alternate history stories consisting of American historical fiction, as well as a book of short stories and a book of plays..